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Poor Substitutes

Are you taking too many shortcuts?

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Currency That Matters

Do you seek out alternative forms of exchange?

07:01 min | 7.22.2011

Responses That Matter

Do you dispense answers or offer responses?

04:27 min | 7.22.2011

Poor Substitutes

Are you taking too many shortcuts?

03:48 min | 7.22.2011

Questions That Matter 3

What is the next question that wants to be asked?

03:24 min | 1.26.2011

Questions That Matter 1

How do you use questions to get ahead?

03:22 min | 1.25.2011

Questions That Matter 2

How many dangerous questions did you ask today?

03:19 min | 1.25.2011

Raise Your Retweetability

How many retweets do you get per day?

03:30 min | 7.22.2010

Build Name Equity

What do people think when they hear your name speak?

03:29 min | 5.19.2010

Enemies of Marketing

What's the biggest enemy to small business success?

03:56 min | 3.1.2010

Get Customers Addicted

Why are your customers addicted to you?

03:30 min | 1.4.2010

Best Practices, Vol. 2

What do you know that other people find valuable?

02:58 min | 8.3.2009

Best Practices, Vol. 1

How are you making people aware of you?

02:57 min | 6.8.2009

Permission Asset Building

How many people are anticipating your marketing?

03:17 min | 4.13.2009

The Word on WOM

What are you doing to stimulate, harness and increase WOM?

03:00 min | 2.11.2009

You Are What You Charge

How do you know what to charge?

03:10 min | 9.30.2008

Timeline of Credibility

Yeah, but what have you done for your customers LATELY?

03:08 min | 6.24.2008

Be The Observed

Are you The Observer or The Observed?

03:15 min | 5.27.2008

Avoid the Always

What do people (who do what you do) ALWAYS do?

02:43 min | 2.4.2008

The Culture Stuff Counts!

What stands in the way of your message?

02:48 min | 2.4.2008

The Point of Dissonance

How are you making customers say, "Huh?"

02:55 min | 2.4.2008

Ideas Mean Nothing

Yeah, but did you buy the domain yet?

03:12 min | 2.4.2008

Give Multiple Answers

Are you alienating audience members?

02:44 min | 2.4.2008

What's in a (User) Name?

Is "hotlips99" really consistent with your brand?

03:10 min | 2.4.2008

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