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Touchy Feely

Are you building your brand by hand?

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Stay Human

How do people experience you?

05:53 min | 8.8.2011

Approachable Service

How do people experience you?

04:09 min | 7.22.2011

Touchy Feely

Are you building your brand by hand?

06:38 min | 7.22.2011

Questions That Matter 2

What questions do you ask yourself every day?

03:43 min | 1.26.2011

Questions That Matter 1

Do you keep a supply of questions with you at all times?

03:32 min | 1.25.2011

More Phrases That Payses

What are your Phrases That Payses?

03:29 min | 6.18.2010

Catapulting Customer Love

How are you helping your customers fall in love with you?

03:09 min | 4.8.2010

Put Customers at Ease

Do you bring peace or drama into your customers' lives?

03:42 min | 2.3.2010

Best Practices, Vol. 2

When was the last time you made one of your customers GASP?

03:09 min | 7.21.2009

Be Your Own Customer

When was the last time you were one of your OWN customer?

03:04 min | 6.22.2009

Best Practices, Vol 1

How are you branding your service?

03:14 min | 4.27.2009

ASAP is a Big, Fat Lie!

Are you demonstrating ownership to the customers?

02:55 min | 3.2.2009

When They Want It NOW

How do your words demonstrate urgency?

03:02 min | 11.4.2008

More Engagement, More Profits!

How engaged are your customers?

03:08 min | 9.23.2008

Complaints are Opportunities

How are you making it easy for customers to complain?

03:12 min | 6.17.2008

Phun with Phone Greetings

Is your phone greeting too looooooong?

03:21 min | 5.6.2008

Watch Your But's!

Are you using the word "but" too much?

02:37 min | 4.14.2008

Give Extra Information

How are you adding value to your answers?

02:50 min | 2.4.2008

Become an Expert at Small Touches

How are you demonstrating emotional reliability?

03:20 min | 2.4.2008

Overly Approachable Service

Do you really need to use the guest's name 17 times?

03:04 min | 2.4.2008

Satisfied, Loyal or Insistent

Yeah, but are they telling their friends about you?

02:03 min | 2.4.2008

The Speed of the Response

How quickly are you responding to customers?

03:17 min | 2.4.2008

OK vs. I See

Are you words making customers feel defensive?

02:59 min | 2.4.2008

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